Author: OSBMXr

Diamond Back SR (Sakae Ringyo) MP-134 Pedals

Old School Diamond Back BMX bikes were renowned for their quality and custom branded components. Many partnerships with Japanese manufacturers bore some of the most iconic and desirable parts, partnerships included Sugino and SR (Sakae Ringyo) for stems, Sugino again for the legendary HLT (Harry Leary Turbo) cranks, bottom brackets and bearing cups, and Sakae […]

1980 Diamond Back Large Pro

Arrival Identifying characteristics Serial number are found on the rear, non-drive gusset and are in the Koizumi standard 6 digit format followed by a Kanji (baseball). Serial numbers will begin 9, 0 and 1 – 1979, 1980, 1981 only 1981 models will have a 1 followed by A, B or C, for January, February, March. […]

1982 Diamond Back Silver Streak

This Diamond Back Silver Streak is a favourite, it was purchased from eBay for a really fair sum as an original survivor, all parts correct, albeit missing wheels and pedals which I had already. This post covers the various stages of cleaning up, removing minor rust on parts with Oxalic acid, before final assembly. Arrival […]

The Diamond Back Black & Silver Period

The Diamond Back Black and Silver period was a design and brand philosophy ushered in when Sandy Finkelman came on board in the early 80s. Sandy, who ran a bike shop and race team had tired of the need to stock and support an ever increasing range of bike colours at his shop. His practicality […]