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The old school UK BMX site is a BMX reference website. It includes serial number tools, restoration guides and details of various BMX models including Diamond Back and Redline

Old School BMX UK

Welcome to the Old School BMX UK site. The site was founded as a place to share some builds, overtime it has grown to provide useful information, research and history I’ve picked up along the way – mainly about Diamond Back BMX, but also about Redline too. Read more

Diamond Back BMX Model Reference

Diamond Back Formula One
It was one of the last Diamond Back BMXs to be produced by Koizumi
Diamond Back Harry Leary Turbo – HLT
The Diamond Back Harry Leary Turbo is the most iconic BMXs ever.
Diamond Back Large Pro
Released in 1979, the distinctive Large Pro was a prelude to Diamond Back’s most successful period.
Diamond Back Pacer 500
Diamond Back Pacer 500 BMX Introduction Introduced in late 1983 as the replacement for the Silver …
Diamond Back Senior Pro
Part of the Prokit, the Senior Pro, replaced the Large Pro
Diamond Back Silver Streak
The Diamond Back Silver Streak is a fond favourite of old school BMXers.
Diamond Back Super Streak
The Super Streak was introduced in 1984 and was built into 1985
Diamond Back Viper
The Diamond Back Viper was one, if not the best selling bikes in the range

Serial number tools

Our serial number checker can identify most Japanese Diamond Back between 1979 and 1983. New bikes are being added regularly.

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