Diamond Back SR (Sakae Ringyo) MP-133 Pedals

Old School Diamond Back BMX bikes were renowned for their quality and custom branded components. Many partnerships with Japanese manufacturers bore some of the most iconic and desirable parts, partnerships included Sugino for stems, cranks, bottom brackets and bearings, and Sakae Ringyo (SR) and MKS for Diamond Back Stamped pedals.

The SR MP-133 caged pedals came on the 1982 and 1983 Diamond Back Harry Leary Turbo models. The pedals consist of an alloy body with aluminium cages that are chromed. The pedals are stamped with Diamond Back at the centre/end of the pedal and bear the manufacturer and model marketing SR MP-133 on one side, on the other side, SR Japan.

Just like the SR MP-134 MKS pedals that appear on the SilverStreak, the pedal cages are fixed to the pedal body with screws which makes them interchangeable.

Other pedals in the range include SR MP-130, MP-131, MP-132 and MP-134.