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Suntour XC-II Pedals

Suntour XC-II pedals are legendary and popular old school BMX pedals produced by the Japanese manufacturer Suntour in the early to mid Eighties. Suntour XC-II Bear trap pedals Know as a ‘bear trap’ style due their similarity of shape to the hunting variant, Suntour XC-II pedals were fitted to several popular complete BMX models during […]

We Were Rad Book Celebration at Rom Skatepark

This weekend saw the We Were Rad crew of Ant, Clint, and Andy put on a fantastic old school BMX event to celebrate the launch of their mighty 80s BMX book; We Were Rad, at Romford Skatepark; and what an event it turned out to be. The day – laden with enough nostalgia to transport us old-schoolers […]

Diamond Back Pacer 500

Diamond Back Pacer 500 BMX Introduction Introduced in late 1983 as the replacement for the Silver Streak. The Pacer 500 is probably the Diamond Back bike that has the most confusion associated with it. We’ll get into the detail of that below – because this bike has a rich history, it requires its own section! […]

Diamond Back BM-10 MKS Pedals

Custom cage Diamond Back BM-10 pedals were produced by MKS for the Pro model DiamondBack BMXs. They came with either a 9/16″ spindle for three-piece cranks or a 1/2″ spindle for one-piece cranks. There were 3 distinct colours, plus black as follows; The pedal bodies are forged alloy and the cages are aluminium. Cage are […]

Diamond Back SR (Sakae Ringyo) MP-133 Pedals

Old School Diamond Back BMX bikes were renowned for their quality and custom branded components. Many partnerships with Japanese manufacturers bore some of the most iconic and desirable parts, partnerships included Sugino for stems, cranks, bottom brackets and bearings, and Sakae Ringyo (SR) and MKS for Diamond Back Stamped pedals. The SR MP-133 caged pedals […]